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Customer Blacklist

Use blacklists to catch known fraudulent customer

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The blacklist detector monitors for any occurrence of blacklisted names and addresses. Names and addresses that are known to be used in fraudulent applications are a very effective way of detecting fraud.

Blacklist monitoring is now much smarter with our updated matching algorithms, and we’ve made it easier than ever to add to your blacklist. When you reject a customer, you’ll have the option of adding their details with one click. You can also add entries by interacting with the Names and Addresses fields on the customer page. You’ll have the option to edit the details before they’re added, and you can confirm the normalized address output matches your expected address in the blacklist tab.

Adding to your blacklist from a customer page:

You can then view and edit details from the blacklist page:

You will notice a third field called normalized address that isn't directly editable. The normalized address field is populated by requesting the normalized address from Google using the supplied address field. You might notice that the normalized address does not match, this can be due to the address field not containing enough information such as city, postcode, and/or country. It is important that the normalized address field is correct (it will be used in our matching algorithm), you can edit the address field as seen above by adding additional information until you get the correct normalized address field.

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