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Document Level Feedback
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What is document level feedback?

When using the Inscribe web app, you've previously been able to give an approve/ reject decision on a customer.

We've now introduced the option to provide feedback on each individual document. For instance you may mark one individual document as "accepted" and another "rejected". This would most likely lead you to decide to "reject" the customer overall too.

How do I use document level feedback?

You can accept or reject the document either:

  1. On the customer view page, by clicking the three dots on the document card

  2. On the document view page, in the top right

Customer view:

Document view:

Why give document level feedback?

Providing feedback on a document can be a helpful way to demonstrate to other users which documents you've considered trusted/ untrusted to support your decision to accept or a reject a customer.

It is also a hugely powerful mechanism to let Inscribe know if we've incorrectly assessed a document. For instance if we've given a low Trust Score to a document that's actually low risk. The more feedback you provide to Inscribe, the more accurate our Trust Scores will become.

Do I have to give document level feedback?

No, this feature is optional.

Is the feedback included in the document API response?

Yes. You can look for the "review status" field.

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