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Trust Score Distribution
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What is Trust Score distribution?

Trust Score distribution allows you to see how the Trust Score of the document you're viewing compares to the Trust Score of similar documents seen by Inscribe.

What's the difference between the Workspace graph and Inscribe graph?

The "Workspace" graph (blue bars) shows you the distribution of Trust Scores for similar documents uploaded to the current workspace.

The "Inscribe" (purple bars) graph shows you the the distribution of Trust Scores for similar documents uploaded by any of Inscribe's workspaces.

You can switch between the two using the toggle pictured.

How does knowing this help me?

The distribution chart provides additional context on your document's Trust Score. Consider a True PDF Bank Statement and a photo of a receipt receiving a Trust Score of 65. A score of 65 would be fairly low compared to similar bank statements, but fairly typical compared to similar receipts.

The chart can also prove helpful if you've just started using Inscribe, and haven't processed a large volume of documents yet. In this case you can still benefit from understanding how the Trust Score of a document compares to similar documents Inscribe has seen from our other customers.

Finally, placing Trust Scores in context like this can also make it easier to identify patterns of false positives. While we do our best to automatically filter out false positives as we come across them, it can still happen that certain document types are more prone to false positives, and showing information about the Trust Scores of similar documents can make it easier for you to identify when this is happening.

Where can I find the Trust Score distribution chart?

You will find it on the right hand side of the document view.

When will I see the Trust Score distribution chart?

For a graph to display for a document, we'll need enough similar documents to show a meaningful graph. Depending on whether there are enough similar documents in your workspace, or other Inscribe workspaces, Inscribe may be able to show you both, one or neither of the distribution graphs described above.

The below table summarises the logic of when each graph can be displayed.

Similar documents found in your workspace

Similar documents NOT found in your workspace

Similar documents found in other Inscribe workspaces

Both graphs visible

Inscribe graph visible

Similar documents NOT found in other Inscribe workspaces

Workspace graph visible

No graphs visible

What constitutes a similar document?

Inscribe uses a similarity scoring algorithm to determine which documents should be considered as "similar". Inscribe will take into account document type, issuing organisation, first words in the document, layout and so forth.

Similar documents is different to the "Seen Before" fraud signal, which is talking about exactly the same document (including content). The presence (or absence) of similar documents is not an indicator of fraud.

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