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Analytics is a page within the Inscribe web app that provides metrics and insights into overall fraud detection and performance for your workspace.


Below we highlight some of the features on this page.


You can filter the data which populates the charts by several dimensions. This will apply to all charts on the page.

  • Dates - use this filter to only show data from a specified date range

  • Tags - only show data related to documents that have a specific tag

  • Document types - only show data related to documents of a specific type (e.g. bank statements)

  • Customer status - only show data related to documents related to customers that have (/not) had a certain approval status set (e.g. approved, rejected, unresolved)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

These are high level metrics for you to see at a glance.

  • Customers - the number of customer folders that exist within your workspace

  • Documents - the number of documents uploaded to your workspace (note this metric includes any documents that have been deleted, e.g. because of your retention policy)

  • Flagged documents - the number of documents which Inscribe has deemed untrustworthy

  • Flat rate - flagged documents divided by documents

Flagged Documents Chart

This chart illustrates the number of documents flagged, and the breakdown by document type.

Document/ File Type Charts

These charts illustrate the total number of documents, broken down by document type and file type respectively.

Trust Score Distribution Graph

This chart shows the distribution of Trust Scores across documents. The X axis is the 0-100 Trust Score scale, and the Y axis is the number of documents that were assigned that Trust Score.

Document click through

You can click through any of the legend labels on the page. This will show you a list of the documents that contribute to that metric. For example if you clicked on the 'bank statement' icon in the flagged documents chart, you'd be taken to a list of all flagged bank statements which meet the filter criteria on the Analytics page.


I get an error when I open the page, what's going on?

This page is only available to advanced users and admins. If you need access to this page, you should contact your admin.

When I click through to the document list, I see less documents than expected. Why is this?

The metrics on the Analytics page will include documents that have been deleted. This is because documents that are deleted, usually for data retention purposes, are still important to consider in the aggregated data.

However we cannot show deleted documents in the document list, given that they have been deleted.

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