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Use Inscribe's rule engine to build custom workflows

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Checks is a simple, automated way of checking properties of the documents you receive. Whether you only accept utility bills that were issued within the last two months, or driving licenses that haven't yet expired, you can now enforce these requirements without worrying about the operational overhead.

Setting up a check can be done with just a few clicks from your Settings page. In the GIF below we show an example configuration for checking that certain uploads are bank statements with an issue date within the last 90 days.

There are two steps shown here:

  1. Choosing a document filter, to tell Inscribe which documents you want this check applied to. In this example, we apply the check to documents where we apply the tag 'statement' during upload.

  2. Choosing the conditions to check. Here we apply two conditions — the first is that the document has been classified by Inscribe as a bank statement, and the second is that the issue date parsed by Inscribe is within the past 90 days.

When setting a filter and choosing conditions, you can interact with a range of document properties:

The results of a check are available via both the API and the web app. Our goal is to handle your full document process, so if you have any requests for additional check features, please do reach out.

If you are using Inscribe's Collect feature, you can choose to display the results of your check during your collect sessions. If enabled, documents submitted during a collect session that fail this check will be rejected and the reasons for rejection will be presented to the customer. Find out more about setting up Collect, including checks in our Collect article.

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