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Collect Customer Information Form
Collect Customer Information Form
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As well as collecting documents from your customers, you can also use Inscribe's Collect feature to obtain discrete data points. These may include personal or tax details that you require, but do not require an associated document for.

We refer to this section of the Collect module as the customer information form. This feature is currently in beta, meaning that a select few customers are currently trialing it before it’s widely available.

If you are already using Collect, you can join the wait list for a free trial of this feature.

If you are not currently using Collect, we’d also love to arrange a beta trial for the entire Collect workflow!

In either case, please contact your Customer Success Manager who can arrange this for you and talk through what a beta trial would look like.

How do I add a customer information form to my Collect session?

Note that you will need this feature specifically turned on for your account (see above).

When you create your Collect session, you will see a new tab which gives you the option to add a request for customer information. Click "Add".

You'll then be presented a list of options to choose from. Select those you'd like to request from your customer. You can drag and drop to change the order if you wish.

Then either add a document to the document request, or delete the document request, depending on whether you'd like to request supporting documents too.

Then submit your Collect request as normal. When your customer arrives on their bespoke portal page, it would look like this.

If you are integrated with our API, and would like to create sessions with a customer information form that way, please refer to the API guide you'll have been given as part of beta onboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my Collect sessions have to include a customer information request?

No. You are not obliged to use this feature and can continue to request documents without the form.

Do my Collect sessions have to include a document request?

No. Sessions can include either or both information requests and document requests.

Am I limited to the list of field options shown in the screenshot?

These are default options offered by Inscribe. This is a beta feature and we will be adding more over time. If you need a category not offered by default, please speak to your CSM. It is likely this can be added for you.

Can I use Inscribe's Verifications to check a value provided by the customer is present on a document?

If you'd like to do this, please speak to your CSM for further support.

The copy on the emails/ Collect portals I generate talks about documents, which doesn't make sense for information requests. How do I change this?

You can change this in the Collect configuration within Settings.

Note that currently you must specificy the same copy to be used across all Collect sessions. So if you're intending to send some sessions that are docs only and some that are information only, you will want to select fairly generic language.

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